The opportunity to make choices and decisions, to solve problems, and to contribute to the fulfillment of responsibilities. Your participation in important decisions about your work as well as your range of professional autonomy. The basic issue is the extent to which you have the authority, support, and information necessary to set direction in your work. A good match occurs when there is a correspondence between control and accountability. A mismatch occurs when people lack sufficient control to fulfill the responsibilities for which they are accountable.

Sample Item: I have control over how I do my work.

On the positive end of the scale, you have sufficient autonomy and authority to shape your worklife. You determine how you do your work and influence other areas of worklife ā€” workload, rewards, etc. ā€” to be consistent with your hopes and expectations.

On the negative end of the scale, you are buffeted by policies and procedures developed without your perspective or participation. They constrain your professional judgment. Paperwork and meetings interfere with doing effective work.

Control Problems

Control Solutions

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