The extent to which the organization has consistent and equitable rules for everyone, or he quality of justice and respect at work. An important element is the extent to which resources are allocated according to generally understood and consistent procedures. Fairness communicates respect for the members of an organization's community. A lack of fairness indicates confusion in an organization's values and in its relationships with people.

Sample Item: Resources are allocated fairly here.

On the positive end of the scale are transparent decision making processes that give everyone honest consideration for benefits or promotions. The organization is actively committed to appreciating diversity among the staff and in encouraging a culture of respect.

On the negative side are arbitrary decisions delivered without explanation or rationale. People are unsure of receiving fair treatment on decisions regarding resources, compensation, or career development. People are actively rude to one another, showing little appreciation for diverse values, lifestyles, or cultures.

Fairness Problems

Fairness Solutions

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