What matters to you in your work. The focus of this section is the consistency between the personal values you bring to your profession and the values inherent in the organization where you work. Values are important to the success of the organization and to its members. When organizational and personal values are congruent, successes are shared. Mismatches occur when differences exist between an organization's values and the values of its staff, or if the organization does not practice its stated values.

Sample Item: My values and the organization's values are alike.

On the positive end of the scale is a high degree of congruence. You are confident that you and the organization share key values. To some extent, when you’re contributing to the organization’s mission, you’re also furthering issues that are personally important.

On the negative end of the scale is a complete disconnect of personal or organizational values: furthering the organization’s mission means frittering away your time on trivial, meaningless tasks. To a greater extreme, furthering the mission means acting in a way you believe is actually destructive.

Values Problems

Values Solutions

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