The Trust Gap


Following on the previous post, I explore more on leadership and trust.

I noticed a number of workgroups had a trust imbalance. The FLMs expressed trust in their team members, but the team members expressed mistrust in their FLM. So I calculated a value for trust imbalance: A positive number (towards the right side of the graph) represents units where the FLMs trust the staff more than the staff members trust the FLMs. A negative number (to the left of the graph) represents units where the staff members trust the FLM more than the FLMs trust the staff. The center line is the perfect balance between the two.

On the scatterplot, higher is better:

• The red square indicate how well FLMs rate their own leadership,

• The blue diamonds indicate how well staff members rate their FLMs.

Staff members are tough critics.

• There are more marks on the right hand side, and they go further right.

• There is a steep line between trust imbalance and staff’s leadership rating. Mistrust is associated with very negative ratings.

• There is a more gentle line between FLMs’ self-rating and trust.

The distance between blue and red symbols on the right side of the chart show the impact of the trust gap:

One party thinks things are going well; the other party thinks they are terrible.

That situation does not bode well for effective problem solving.

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