Manager Burnout The Erosive Power of Insincerity

Kristin, a unit manager in a large hospital, described what bothered her about her job:

“My frustration comes from, not the staff or Managers that I have, but the inequities that I feel we have in the organization. We talk about team, how important team is but for the front line 24/7 group the funding to enable to them to come together isn’t there.”

A key word is inequities. Injustice prevents people from engaging with their work. It arises from the gap between what should be happening and what is actually happening. The specific gap for Kristin is between a fuzzy organizational ideal for teamwork and an actual reluctance to invest in the practical activities that would support teamwork.

Mismatch Graph

Our surveys of health care managers show a difference between people who are exhausted and those who are experiencing the full burnout syndrome of exhaustion, cynicism, and discouragement. For the exhausted, unmanageable workload is what separates them from other managers who are doing well or fully engaged. For those experiencing burnout, mismatches in values, control, and justice are the factors that distinguish them.

The demands of health care work can exhaust people, but it takes a more thorough mismatch on the meaningful dimensions of work to aggravate burnout.

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Dr. Michael Leiter, co-author of Banishing Burnout and The Truth about Burnout, is set to release his newest book on Work Engagement. Dr. Leiter founded the Canadian Centre for Organizational Research & Development and has researched organizational behaviour for more than two decades. He knows how to improve an organization’s bottom line (productivity and profitability by improving its top line - people. In fact, he and his co-author coined the term "work engagement" as the antithesis to burnout!

Over the years, Dr. Leiter has worked closely with a host of researchers, including Dr. Christine Maslach, creator of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), and most recently, with Dr. Arnold Bakker on work engagement. Now, through work with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) - the largest integrated health care system in the U.S. - Dr. Leiter has the CREW Solution.

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