You may think you are stuck with the under-appreciative position you have at work currently. But you’re wrong! You can make a difference for yourself and get the recognition you deserve. The following tips can help you obtain what you want at work. If you want…:

More Money
If more money or compensation is what you need at work to help you go that extra mile, it’s not as impossible of a request as you may think.

How to Get It
You can work on improving your salary by making a profile of your accomplishments at work and presenting this to your boss in a request for a raise. You can also give your boss an ultimatum. If you feel that you are really being underpaid, remind your boss that you are a highly valued employee and that you may be seeking employment elsewhere if your requests are not considered. It may also be necessary to reduce output, if the request for a raise is not met. If your organization is not interested in raising your pay/benefits/compensatory rewards, you may simply have to contribute less to the organization in order to make the balance equal on both sides.

However, remind yourself that strict compensation does not always come just in the form of pay: it can mean a bigger office, more benefits, or more vacation time. All of these things can lead to a feeling of more satisfying reward in work, so considering asking for smaller rewards in lieu of a big raise that could seem less likely to obtain.
In addition, you could benefit from searching out other sources of income. We’re not saying go and run yourself ragged finding more employment. We’re saying if you have the time, why not freelance your skills in editing, document formatting or graphic design for work on the side? You could be raking in the extra dollars that can be used to reward yourself in other ways, making work more satisfying overall.

Stronger Acknowledgement
Acknowledgement is a very important part of feeling good about the work you do. Some supervisors don’t know which member of their team is completing which task, or they may not to give credit where it is due.

How to Get It
To get the recognition you deserve, it may be necessary to assert your accomplishments more frequently. There is no need to be pompous about accomplishments, but there is also nothing wrong with letting people know what you have completed and how hard you’ve worked. Also, if there isn’t currently a recognition program in your workplace, you could start one up. Prizes or appreciation walls could go a long way to adding the acknowledgement that drives many employees at work.
Appreciation of others is a great way to start up a more positive attitude in your workplace as well, and reminding yourself and others that rewarding yourself is important. This can be done privately, and can really boost your morale at work.

Better Job Assignments
A reward for hard work is better job assignments. If you have been putting in hard work with your organization for a number of years now and feel that you are entitled to having more seniority over the work projects you work on, it is worth it to strive for better job assignments. This will increase the feeling of satisfaction you have at work.

How to Get Them
So how do you go about asking for this workplace perk? You can work on getting better job assignments by negotiating this with your boss. Be sure to take a persuasive stance and implement the argument that you will yield better work if you are able to work on a particular project, as you have a keen interest for this.

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