Feeling as though you have little control over your situations at work can be very frustrating and lead to a decreased motivation at work. These three changes can help to transform your workplace into one where you feel able to control your workspace again:

Increasing autonomy
By increasing your own autonomy, you can prove to a boss that micromanages you that you are able to make your own choices and decisions. If you start to expand the scope within which you make your decisions and prove that you can successfully manage your own performance, you will increase your autonomy and feel less like you’re under a constant microscope.

Shared leadership
This is a good tactic to improve a situation in which the leadership is poor. If your boss or supervisor seems to have trouble leading your workgroup, things can start to feel out of control, but you can make this situation better simply by volunteering yourself. To help out with smaller leadership initiatives can have a great impact on how your team works together, but should be done carefully to avoid leading your supervisor/boss to feel undermined.

Team rehab
When your work team is not functioning properly together, this can greatly affect your work ethic, and often it feels as though there is little control over your ability to get things done at work. You can help to make this better by identifying small things that can be fixed, like helping new staff integrate better with older staff, or increasing communication between members of the team. Little changes can make a big difference and can increase the amount of control everyone feels in their situation.

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