Welcome to CARAWay (Civility And Respect At Work). Your commitment to improving civility and respect provides the energy that drives the program’s success!

We have designed CARAWay to improve workplace cultures one encounter at a time.

CARAWay builds upon a few core principles:

  • Improving civility occurs through new behaviour, not through good intentions.
  • Improving civility occurs more readily through a shared effort than through individual initiatives.
  • Improving civility takes time to enact a process of
    • Assessment
    • Commitment
    • Exploration
    • Practice
    • Implementation
    • Reflection
    • Evaluation
  • Workgroups make CARAWay happen; real change only occurs through active participation.

CARAWay operates through a series of meetings in which employees strive to enhance the quality of interactions among team members. Working groups identify issues, set goals for improving teamwork, and evaluate progress towards these goals. Facilitators support and guide each group, drawing upon the Civility Toolkit to structure the meetings.

The CARAWay Toolkit contains a collection of discussion topics and activities that contribute to improved workplace civility. It also contains modules that participants can use beyond the meetings.

We continually update the Civility Toolkit. If, over the course of your work with CARAWay, you discover a discussion topic that was not in the Toolkit or an activity that you found effective and fun, please let us know about it. We would like to add your ideas to this Toolkit.

We're collecting a few files here that we believe will be helpful (with more to come!)

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