One Page Plan

Rome was not built in a day, but those Romans had memorable days on the long journey to empire.

With this thought in mind, we’ve developed a one-day experience that would make a difference in a workgroup’s approach to civility. It’s a one day workshop to generate a one-page plan to guide your ongoing efforts in building civility.

    An inspiring day would have these qualities:

  • Sense-Making. Social encounters at work are important and complex. Devoting time to making sense of these relationships is a useful investment.
  • Insight: Learning something new about yourself can have a lasting effect.
  • Shared Experience. Relationships are something you simply can’t resolve by yourself. Relationships are shared. The power to improve them is shared as well.
  • Planning. People do not change their relationships in a day, but they can draft a plan to guide a long-range strategy.
  • Coordinated Planning. Coordinating plans among colleagues adds power. When the whole idea is improving relationships, relationships become the medium for change.

The One-Page Plan for Civility at Work

This one-day workshop helps you work with the ideas that have guided our work with CREW. It helps you to gain insight into your relationship issues at work and to share those ideas with others participating in the workshop.

A concrete outcome for the day is a written plan for improving civility at work. Our step-by-step process creates for you a One-Page Plan for Civility at Work.


We are developing a One-Page-Plan theme in the blog to support people to put their plan into action. The posts will talk about the challenges and joys of changing your social world. We’ll invite comments and questions.

It’s all about relationships.

For more information, or to arrange a civility-building workshop for your organization, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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