Building community provides a strong base for any work group. Having a solid base and a sense of community in the workplace can yield workers who have a higher achievement rate. Many individuals work more efficiently when they feel they are a part of a team, and undoubtedly it is true that when a good support network is available, individuals will be more apt to try new techniques and strategies to solve workplace problems. Some different ways to improve the sense of community in the workplace are:

Conflict resolution
Obviously conflicts are incredibly important to identify and fix. You can’t be productive and happy in the workplace if you are constantly dealing with conflict.

How to Do It
A good way to approach issues involving conflict are the emphasize common ground. Repeat things like “We’re all in the same boat” or “We’re in this together” to make sure everyone around you realizes that they have to work together to get over their differences. Mediation can also work well in these situations. Identifying the issues and talking about them can really help to put everyone’s feelings on the table and identify solutions. The aim is to increase civility, in order to build that community sense we’re seeking.

Better communication
This can be your chance to reach out. Communication is the key to everything. Countless problems could be avoided if proper communication was the goal.

How to Get It
Don’t just stick with your own work group, branch out and talk to members of teams on other floors, units or offices. Asking questions and staying in contact with a variety of people can help to facilitate communication in your workplace when necessary. Also, be sure to check your messages and do your best to get back to people as soon as possible. It’s not always feasible to get back to someone right away, but do the best you can to maintain good communication and to lessen feelings of being ignored.

To promote unity in the workplace it helps to have a good basis in support. Unity can help a group feel solid and supported, and help each member feel more comfortable.

How to Get It
Offer support to your coworkers and ask for support in return. Organize a support group with your coworkers to be able to chat about issues at work. Invite new employees to join so that immediately it is known that they are a welcome part of the team. Also organizing something like a community service project or charitable pursuit can also promote unity within the group as they work toward a common goal.

Co-worker Help

Having a co-worker stress you out is a tough situation. There is always the fear of upsetting a balance at work. Many employees strive to avoid conflict and altercations, and may even sacrifice their own comfort at work to achieve this. In reality though, it is often a better idea to confront your co-worker in a civil and polite manner to let them know their behaviour is upsetting you.
Be sure not to do this in front of patients or co-workers. You don’t want to embarrass your co-worker or make the situation worse. Take this person aside privately and, with a calm demeanour, let them know about your feelings regarding their behaviour and that you would like to discuss it with them. Even if the co-worker is defensive and gets angry, at least you will have stated how you feel. That in itself can alleviate the stress of holding in your anger and irritation.

Supervisor Help

A supervisor that stresses you out is a pretty big problem, especially if she is a constant source of unwanted pressure. You feel as though you need to measure up to this person and give enormous effort to prove that you have what it takes to be successful in her eyes. Keep in mind that sometimes you just can’t please everyone. Do your best, because that’s all anyone can ask of you. If you think your supervisor is demanding too much of you, try and speak with him. Let him know how hard you are trying. If this doesn’t work out, try speaking with someone higher up in the organization. Voice your concerns and try to get feedback about the situation, and the best way to deal with it.

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