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Once you’ve identified a couple (or all!) of these stressors in your life, it’s possible to assess the situation and come up with solutions that work for you. While stress can cause emotional, physical and mental problems for all of us, it is not something that can’t be fixed with a little effort.

The Spouse

If your spouse/partner is a source of stress when you walk in the door, you may just need to have a simple conversation with him/her. Tell him that when you get in, you would like to request ten minutes of alone time just to reflect on your day, to relax a bit, and to regroup. Tell him/her that you know she is unhappy in her own job or that she has her own complaints, but that you just need to blow off a little steam before listening to her rant. She should be more than willing to give you that alone time when you walk in the door.

Your Children

Having children run to you with a million requests or things to show you can be stressful when you first walk in the door. And, after all, can you blame them? You are probably the light of their lives, and they want you to shower them with attention when you get home. To solve this problem, try taking a few minutes for yourself before you walk in the door. Sit in the car for an extra minute or two, or take the long way home. Try to let all of the tension release out of you so that you don’t take out a bad day on your children. If you have a spouse/partner who gets home earlier than you do, ask him to entertain the kids while you take ten minutes to regroup before spending time with them.

Household Chores

Don’t let them build up. Coming in through the door after a long day and seeing a pile of gross dishes, dirty laundry or an un-made bed can cause stress without you even realizing it. When your environment is more orderly, you automatically feel better and more in control. So take the time to get these things done before bed, or before leaving for work.

Home Finances

See a financial planner. If you feel like the amount of loans or bills is piling up, see someone who is trained to help you wade through it all. Things can pile up, especially if you have a previous student loan, car payments, and a mortgage or rent payments to deal with. So get organized and make a plan with someone who knows what’s going on in the financial world!

Extended Family

While many are amazing, it’s fairly common to have extended family that causes you to feel stressed. It may not always be easy to get along with them, and that’s ok. It takes real patience and an effort to protect your personal time in order to keep this one from getting too stressful. Tell your mother or mother-in-law when a good time to drop by would be in order to avoid having her pop by unannounced (and stay for three hours). Return calls to your sister-in-law quickly and don’t be afraid to make an excuse that cuts the call short. You need to protect that personal time you have at home – it shouldn’t all be spent listening to your aunt drone on about the increase in gas prices. So let yourself off the hook sometimes!

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