It is desirable to work in a place that helps you develop your values and nurture the ones you already have. However, not all workplaces function in this way. Sometimes you may be asked to do something in your job that goes against your values, and whether it is a big issue or just a small one, it can cause problems for you as your inner values are in conflict. All of the following are ways to maintain strong positive values in your workplace:

Maintain integrity
Keeping things in your workplace ethical and proper is definitely worth it. To abide by the rules and avoiding behaviours at work that are unsavoury can help to keep your organization running smoothly and fairly.

How to Do It
This can be done by checking to see what kind of ethical guidelines are in place in your work environment or by checking to see if some need to be created on a case by case basis. This would allow you to deal with ethical issues before they become a problem.

Also, confronting ethical issues when they arise is also necessary and important. It can be very difficult to do so, especially to superiors, but it can also be easier than you think. Since most people know when they are doing something unethical, they are more likely to back down when confronted or when offered a new solution.

Finally, sometimes whistle-blowing is necessary for maintaining integrity of values. It is recommended that research is done first before taking the problem to the higher-ups. You don’t want to misread a situation, so be careful.

Promote Constructive Values
Promoting constructive values at work is not only a good thing to do, it also helps to nurture your own values and align them with those of your organization.

How to Do It
To promote constructive values within your organization, you can start by changing the company’s values. This can be done slowly and in small ways by talking to coworkers, have informal and formal meetings about ways in which to change the values, and finally by moving up to the supervisors and bosses and pitching these ideas to them. An example includes changing a company’s values on environmental issues, and this can be done by having mature, in-depth conversations and meetings about these issues.

In addition, you could take on initiatives to minimize the damage that is being caused by the organization or pursue parallel constructive activities can also help to align your values with those of the company.

Add Meaning
Adding meaning to an otherwise meaningless job (meaningless to you) is a good way to get motivated about it. Perhaps your current work situation is not the ideal one, but adding meaning to your work can help make the experience better for you.

How to Do It
To add even more meaning to your job, there are a number of things that can be done, including adding exceptional quality to your work. If your job is one where the outcome of your work does not satisfy you, work hard to make sure that your performance is exceptional to add meaning to that work. Another way to add meaning to your work is to take on a charitable pursuit, like making a team of coworkers for a local walk-a-thon or holding a fundraising event in your workplace.

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