Stories from CREW

Here’s a situation that CREW has touched for a Manager in a Hematology unit of a large acute care teaching hospital:

"Working on one of the most challenging units in the hospital, our staff team was in desperate need of some unity. All of us has such a hard time working here on a day-to-day basis because we experience a lot of sadness and a lot of death on the unit. That kind of thing drives you apart. Most days are bad days, so that leads to us being snappier and ruder to each other than other units. We decided to try CREW and what a difference it made! Over time, we gradually became a unit who would stop and ask each other if they needed help, or say, "hey, I noticed you’re a bit behind today, what can I help you with?" We started identifying the problems we had and building a team, not just a group of employees. It has made a world of difference on the floor."

One organization representative had this to say about implementing CREW in her workplace:

"The CREW program allowed us to put our heads together and come up with ways of appreciating each other and thanking one another. On our floor, we stuck stickers onto clear gems with positive words written on them, like "courageous" or "bubbly". Then, we would give the gems to someone who had helped us out that week, to show the quality in them that we appreciated. It was a nice way of thanking someone for their contribution, and to remind each other why we need to get along."

Another example of how to bring CREW into your workplace is explained by this employee:

"In our unit, our manager had the idea of putting up a "Star of the Week" on a central bulletin board. The person who had shown the most CREW-like behaviour that week would have their picture put up on the board for everyone to see. It helped us all appreciate each other a little more, and also made us more mindful of our actions toward each other. I know I worked a little harder at being civil to my co-workers, so that I would have a chance at getting my picture up there!"

Putting CREW in a central area at work is illustrated by this CREW member:

"In our workplace, we are always really busy and don’t always have the time to meet regularly and discuss issues on the floor. So, our manager put up a notice board in front of our busiest spot. It’s filled up with examples of CREW-like behaviour, or nice things we can do for each other on a daily basis. It’s a great reminder to be civil and help each other out, and you can’t miss it!"

Another suggestion from a fellow CREWer:

"After we did CREW, one of my co-workers suggested having a quick, five minute group huddle with all the staff members when we came on shift. We would gather together at the beginning of each shift and quickly go over any pressing issues, problems or things they may need help with over the shift. This set us up for focus in our shift, and brought us all together for a quick chance to discuss issues so that things didn’t hang over our heads while we worked."

One CREWer felt that even simple things go a long way with CREW:

"When we did CREW on our floor, I noticed that we all took the time to voice our appreciation more often. It seemed that when we were all busy or stressed out with the workload we had, we might have meant to say thank you to someone, but never actually got around to doing it. So we all started reminding each other to be more vocal with our thank-yous, and I noticed a big boost in morale. Even the simple things can go toward making the workplace a more pleasant place to be."

Using appreciation cards at work really boosted morale in this workplace:

"We had something called appreciation cards at our workplace. We printed them out and filled them in each time we wanted someone to know we appreciated them. There was space to fill in their name, what we appreciated, and who it was from. It was such a nice thing to walk into your office to find one of those cards laying on your desk! I think we all looked forward to receiving them."

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