Civility, Respect, and Engagement at Work offers workgroups an intensive process to improve their level of civility and respect. CREW operates through a series of conversations, exercises, and role-plays designed to put relationship issues on the workgroup’s problem-solving agenda.

CREW is an evidence based solution. The process has been rigorously evaluated in contrast to control groups. This research confirms that CREW improves workgroup civility that in turn prompts improvements in employees’ wellbeing and engagement with work. Follow-up analyses confirm that these improvements continue one year later while control groups remain unchanged .

Michael Leiter & Associates has the experience and expertise to guide organizations through the CREW process. The process includes:

  • Thorough diagnosis of workgroups re civility, wellbeing, and engagement,
  • Advice on effective strategies for CREW implementation,
  • Communication regarding CREW rationales, effectiveness, and process,
  • Training and mentoring of organizational employees as CREW facilitators,
  • Ongoing monitoring of CREW implementation throughout the process, and
  • Evaluation of CREW’s impact.

To learn more about CREW, please contact us.

Originally developed by the National Center for Organizational Development of the Veterans Health Administration, CREW can make a contribution in any occupational sector that benefits from effective teamwork.

Classroom Civility: Contemporary classrooms bring together students and instructors from diverse backgrounds and generations. It is not reasonable to assume that they implicitly agree on proper classroom comportment. This workshop prompts a guided conversation for developing a vibrant classroom culture.

Civility Workshop Handout: Initiate the conversation on civility and respect at your workplace. This handy PDF introduces an interactive workshop guiding participants through reflection on their workplace experiences.

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